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Ants are always an unwelcome guest · and never quick to leave.

Carpenter Ant There are many differnet types of ants, each posing a differnet threat to the safety of your property, family, and home. An ant invasion to your home is nothing to be taken lightly or left unattended to. Ant Bites

While biting ants can inflict physical damage to your body as depicted in the picture, other ants can effect an increase is ashma symptoms, and even food posioning.

Ants are a nuisance by their presence when found in parts of the home such as the kitchen, bathroom, living room and other quarters. Most do not eat wood, but some remove quantities of it to expand their nest sizes, Cause structural damage. some types when crushed, emit a strong odor of "formic acid."

Corn Field Ant Ant nests are very commonly found in fields, lawns, between bricks in the walk, beneath rocks, in pavement cracks, etc. Numerous mounds of its nests are commonly seen in the lawn and gardens. They invade the home for sweets. They live on nectar of flowers, live and dead insects. They collect the eggs of aphids, storing them in burrows during the winter, then in the spring, carry young to the roots of garden plants.

Thief or Grease Ant Many ants are prevalent around kitchen sinks and in the cupboards, feeding on grease, oils, cheese, meat, dead insects, etc. Some don't seem to feed on sweets. Workers are very small ants, about 1/32 to 1/20 inch long, smooth, shiny, and can range in color from jet black to yellowish to bronze An ant delicacy is dead rodents. House Ant

What you see on this website, is only a tip of the ice burg when it comes to dealing with ant problems or infestations. Treating the spots where the ants frequent rarely if ever work. Christopher Pest Control has the experience and knowledge to assist you with ant control, and can rid you of the ant problem that effect your house and home.

Please contact Christopher Pest Control to safely and effectively deal with your ant problem.

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